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Fisheye Connect's goal is simple:

To connect you with the best photographic workshops and training around.

For Photographers:

It is super easy to find and sign up for workshops. Search by location, instructor, or interest. Sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you up to date about events in your area and the latest On Demand content from leading instructors.

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For Instructors:

Fisheye allows you to focus on your live or On Demand workshop. We handle the backend stuff like registration, streaming, and email marketing. Never before has it been this easy to handle the "business" side of events. We can seamlessly integrate a complete registration solution into your website or blog. Sign up for an instructor account to see all of our features and start filling your workshops today.

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Mike Moreland
Mike Moreland Photographer, Instructor, Speaker, CEO
I want Fisheye Connect to be a photographer community where you can find education through workshops and products and a place to learn, share and grow. What would you like to see change on Fisheye Connect, let us hear from you? "
- Mike Moreland
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