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Andrew McCormick


        Though formed originally as an outlet for Andy’s art work, Chiseled Images has become a center for teaching, learning, and fellowship.  Whether you are starting a studio and need help setting up your business or trying to conquer Photoshop, Chiseled Images is here to help. 

     Andy is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop.  Learning never stops for Andy, no matter how much he learns.  Always trying to keep up with the latest technology and equipment, he loves to share his knowledge with others. 

Photoshop Instruction:
Personal On-Site Instruction (max 5 students)-  This is most insightful and effective instruction there is.  Andy will sit down with at your location and guide you through Photoshop, as well as work with any specific issues you may be experiencing.  In this time there is no worrying about others with questions, staying on schedule, or trying to slow or speed the pace for everyone.  This is about you.

Personal remote instruction- Remote instructions allow for much of the same benefits of personal on-site instruction, however the instruction is conducted remotely using video conference and screen sharing software.

Group Instruction (6 or more students)- This is done on site only in either a studio or other meeting place.  Group instruction is a little more structured and organized, but Andy promises to make it fun and exciting.  No matter you or your friend’s skill level, everyone will walk out with new insights and some fun ideas.

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