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Teresa Berg


Unleashed | fine art dog photography workshops is a new adventure into the art of pet photography.

Three photographers from three different metropolitan areas, bringing three different perspectives together in one place.  Why learn just one way of doing something? Our vision, technique, business experiences and styles are translated into an intense, yet fun and informal three day learning retreat. Each of the Unleashed workshops is held at a photography studio (with some outdoor shooting at nearby locations) so that attendees can learn in our actual environments. The next Unleashed will be held in the Washington D.C./Virginia area September 19-22, 2010.

The workshop welcomes professional photographers of all skill levels.  Because of the business information shared by the instructors, photographers that reside or have their business located within 40 mile radius from Arlington Hts. IL, Dallas, TX or Leesburg, VA will not be allowed to sign up for the Unleashed workshop.

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