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The purpose of the SoCal Photog Shootout is to connect photographers with different strengths, abilities, and talents so we can all learn from each other, network for business and hobby alike, and make new friends!

SoCal Photog Shootout was started in January 2009 by Hanssie Trainor and Matthew Saville.  Hanssie and Matt are both professional wedding photographers in Southern California.  The group started on Facebook as a simple collection of photo-friends who wanted to hang out and photograph models together just for practice and portfolio-building.  As of July 2011, SoCal Photog Shootout has almost 1,500 members from Ventura to San Diego.

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We hope to see you soon at a photo shoot somewhere around SoCal!

Hanssie Trainor
Matthew Saville (Facebook Page) (Photo Galleries)

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