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wedding photographer / workshop
by Sara Kauss and Josh Newton

How did faux/tographers happen?! Josh and I were talking about the high volume of inquiries we get from awesome people starting a photography business - photographers wanting to shoot a wedding, an engagement session, anything to get experience and insight into what the real world of photography is like!

We want to give that opportunity to everyone! But the, truth is, there are only 52 weekends in a year and there simply isn't a way to bring everyone with us to a wedding.

Brainstorming, we came up with the idea to have a faux-WEDDING! A wedding day where we can completely focus on YOU. Not keeping the bride at ease or the complexity of the shot, just YOU. You can ask questions all day long, and we can take the time to answer them. We can walk you through exactly why we chose that specific lighting and explain what settings we are using when taking that photo.

Then, it gets even better on day two! Our workshop continues with post-processing techniques and surprise wedding industry guests who will talk with you about what they look for in a wedding photographer and give you tips on how to improve your business!

Learn everything from f-stops to how to get published! All in two awesome days!





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August 9th & 10th

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September 13th & 14th

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September 21st & 22nd

Palm Beach, Florida /
November 8th & 9th

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