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Jennifer Grant


My teaching is all about the passion behind the entrepreneurial spirit of the photographer. Hi, I’m Jennifer Grant, owner of Jennifer Grant Photo. I’m offering workshops in my pursuit to help the wedding + portrait photography industries grow and flourish.

The average photographer makes less than a school teacher and I’m here to change all that!

My goal is to create an immense resource for photographer’s just starting out so they can build a business that will support their families.  So many of us find our way  into photography through our hearts and I think it’s time we blend our art with business so we can lead the lives of our dreams!

My workshops are a place to be inspired, to get your business questions answered, to plan, to dream, to grow!

I want to see you succeed and I’m dedicated to creating the tools to aid you.

Running a business is tough work and I’m here to help you!

As a small business owner and entrepreneur for over a decade, 3 business start-ups and background in business and marketing, I've got the skills to help you transform your passion into a life sustaining business that supports your life instead of the other way around.

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