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Named as one of Nashville, Tennessee’s top wedding photographers in 2009, Zach and Jody Gray have quickly gained national recognition for their imagery and business savvy in the wedding photography industry. They have hosted numerous highly successful photography workshops in the states and overseas, and have been invited to speak at WPPI, Imaging USA, creativeLIVE, and SWPP in London.  Their images have appeared in various publications including People, Southern Bride, and PPA Magazine. Zach and Jody have also been named by Westcott as one of their Top Endorsed Pros and are a part of the exclusive SanDisk Extreme Team. 

What’s even more remarkable about this couple is their images never see the inside of Photoshop.  All of their work is shot in-camera with minor post processing performed via Adobe Lightroom. 

Zach and Jody Gray are based out of Nashville, TN and have been married since 2005. They have a passion for marriage, for helping others in business and they absolutely love what they do! 

Named as one of Nashville Tennessee’s top wedding photographers in 2009, Zach and Jody are a dynamic photography duo, who blend fashion & photojournalism into their work giving their photos a unique edge.

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