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I spent 20 years as a Photojournalist in New York, Philadelphia and Tampa, covering everything you can possibly imagine. One day could be spent shooting food or fashion and the next day could be spent dodging bullets in the rain on a street across the globe.

I did pretty well at it. Won some POY awards and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twice. Once for coverage of the MOVE disaster and again for a long-term story on pediatric AIDS.

Today, I am a single Dad to two teen boys who are the center of the universe to me. We live in the woods outside of Raleigh, North Carolina and like to travel together learning new things about other cultures and ourselves.

In the last few years we have been building FinerLight with the help of some other very talented photojournalists. Come be a part of the FinerLight experience.

FinerLight is a photography workshop company founded by two-time Pulitzer nominee and international award winning photographer Bruce Johnson.

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