Sunset Portrait Workshop

Hosted by: Peggy Farren (view profile)
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Sunset is at 7:48 p.m.
This is mainly a workshop about portrait lighting and camera settings for beautiful sunset portraits. We'll also learn about beach portraits right before sunset when the lighting is a bit harsh.

We'll start at Avant-Garde Images studio on Linwood for training and then head over to the beach for practical experience. Because we have such a short window of time for sunset portraits, we'll have one model per two/three photographers. All we ask is that you provide the models with digital pictures for their personal use. And make your reservation as early as possible so we can schedule enough models!

We'll review on-camera flash and off-camera flash options. You'll learn some of the settings on your speedlites (exposure compensation, manual and ETTL or TTL).

Beach portraits are very popular in this area. And the lighting is very tough! You'll love this workshop!

Please have a working knowledge of your camera. We offer a two hour workshop called "Getting to know your DSLR" if you need help with using your camera in the manual setting.

Rain/bad weather - we'll have to cancel or reschedule. I won't call it until the morning of the program.

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Photography Naples Studio
2383 Linwood Ave
Naples, FL 34112
United States
DATE & TIME: Mar 18, 2011 4:45PM - 7:45PM
# SEATS: 5
PRICE: $79.00
Materials Needed:
fully charged batteries for your camera and flash
If you have pocket wizards and a light stand or tripod for an off camera flash.
Camera manual
flash manual-- these are important because every camera and flash is different!
quarters for the parking meter if you don't have a Collier County beach sticker
Please have a working knowledge of your camera and how to shoot in the manual setting. We offer a two hour workshop called "Getting to know your DSLR" if you need help with using your camera in the manual setting.
Instructor: Peggy Farren
Turn your photography skills around by learning and experimenting with different techniques of lighting, composition, posing and camera control in a professional studio environment, and on location with our working career photographers.

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