What is Fisheye Connect? Who are we?

THE IDEA WAS SIMPLE: A searchable database exclusively for photography workshops/events, along with a service that helps instructors connect with both potential and existing students.

Over 900 photography Instructors all over the United Stats.

More Workshops being added daily!

33,000 tickets (and counting) have been purchased on Fisheye Connect to date

Why Hands-On Photography Workshops?

Learn next to the best while connecting with new friends and building your portfolio.

Go On Location

Attend a workshop in your city, while your on vacation, or as an excuse for travel. A hands-on workshop provides access to things you can’t get from the computer

Instructor Ratings

View ratings on Instructors from past students. After you’ve attended a workshop, leave a review for future students!

Be a part of a community

Build friendships with other students! Lots of beginning photographers don’t have a community of connections. In a hands on workshop, you’ll bond with other people at the same stage of photography as you!

Interact with top photographers

In a hands on workshop you’ll be shooting right next to the instructor, hearing them click as you click and being able to compare image. You can ask them questions, learning in the moment, instead of teaching yourself from an online video

Endless Options from Top Photographers

New Workshops from professional photographers around the world are being added daily to Fisheye Connect. Looking for a specific instructor, but they don’t have the type of workshop you’re looking for? Use our thorough directory to find workshops by other class act photographers!

Live Models

At hands on photography workshop, the instructor provides the talents. Whether you’re photographing wildlife, architecture or people, you won’t have to go out and find something to photograph. Sign up today!

I founded Fisheye Connect in July 2010 as a way for aspiring photographers to connect with leading photography experts.”

- Kristy Dickerson, Fisheye Connect Founder

Ali Slaughter, Dallas, TX

I’ve been to multiple workshops across the country. I have enjoyed going to various workshops from multiple instructors. Being from Dallas, I’ve travelled to Atlanta, Seattle and everywhere in between. The best way I’ve found to grow my business has been investing in my skill through hands on photography workshop.

Staci Floreani

To study under top photographers, I’ve used Fisheye Connect to find photography workshops that specialize in newborn photography. I’ve flown to many workshops around the country to be the best I can be at photographing newborns.

Jesse Akins

After I retired from the Navy, I pursued photography as my second career. I aspire to be a wedding photographer, and the workshops I’ve found from Fisheye Connect have helped me find my own style and hone my techniques. It’s such a great resource!

Jina Bootcheck

As a personal trainer and health coach, I’ve always loved photography. I focus on photographing family and children, and my skillset would not be where it is without the help of the hands on photography workshops I found through Fisheye Connect.

Stephanie Orr

When I moved to Atlanta, I needed tomake a career change. I love architecture, so I thought about taking private coach for photography lessons. I learned how to build a career specialized in interior photography for real estate. I loved being able to customize coaching classes on my time with my schedule. I recommend Mike Moreland coaching to everyone!

Fisheye On Demand was launched in August 2013. It is online video training that is streamed right to our students computer or device. Instructors can create segmented video training from their studio and we can then encode, sell, and deliver the content, allowing the ability to provide training anywhere, anytime.

Fisheye Connect’s
target market
is photographers who are new to the industry,
usually with three years or less in professional experience.

Mike Moreland

Photographer, Instructor, Speaker, CEO
I want Fisheye Connect to be a photographer community where you can find education through workshops and products and a place to learn, share and grow. What would you like to see change on Fisheye Connect, let us hear from you? "
- Mike Moreland