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Tuesday, December 13 2011

Instructor Refund Policy

Fisheye Connect does not issue refunds. Mainly because we handle the registration, but then send the funds on to the instructor. If someone has to cancel... well you can see where the problem in that enlies. A ticket sold takes away an available seat for the workshop. Since the workshops have a limited number of seats, tickets will not be refunded. Please make sure you can attend the event prior to registering. 

That is Fisheye Connect's refund policy. Most instructors don't accept refunds due to cost of executing a workshop for the same reason as when you buy a concert ticket. The instructor is allocating his time, resources, and enduring expenses for the seats that are sold.  But we leave it up to the individual instructor if they want to accept refunds or exchanges. We now have a place on the Instructor profile that says Refund Policy. If nothing is entered it is our default policy here



If you have a Refund Policy entered it will show up on the workshop page as well as on the confirmation screen when they purchase the ticket, so they are also agreeing to your refund policy. Our policy covers you either way, but just to have clear expectations this is a great tool. 


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