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What life awaits you if you could unlock your creative imagination to attract unbridled success. Who would you become if you could suddenly unleash herculean confidence in your own abilities? How can we harness the awesome unlimited potential that lies latent within our own mind?

Those are some of the questions that brought Tim OíNeill to this point.  Tim began his career as a photographer working in a darkroom lab and processing film for a local company in his high school years.  An express desire to travel and become a professional photographer led him to the US Navy in 1979. Trained as a photojournalist at the US Navy Schools of Photography in Pensacola, FL.  Tim finished his Navy career attached the Combat Camera Group at the Atlantic Fleet Audiovisual Command in Norfolk, VA.  Since 1979, there have been many different directions of study Tim has pursued: fine art, photography, marketing,  personal development and the law of attraction.   The digital revolution found its way to Timís studio in 2002 and now commissioned mixed media portraits are becoming more and more prevalent with discriminating clients.  

On the entrepreneurial side Tim has owned various franchises and start-ups  in several industries including the health and fitness, insurance, investment, securities, automotive, fine-art and photography areas.  Current pursuits are building his online businesses, writing a book, and continuing to learn and develop digital art techniques to better serve his commissioned portrait clients. A passion for time freedom has led to serial-entrepreneurship and an in depth pursuit of the law of attraction and creating abundance.

Tim is the founder of Digital Paint Magazine, Owner of Digital Art Academy, Founder and CEO of Life By A Vision, an internet marketing company specializing in teaching and training fellow entrepreneurs abundance creation, personal development and business skills, Owner of Prosperity Publishing and Tim ONeill Studio.

Tim has four children ages 24, 22, 10 and 5 and two grandchildren.  The ONeillís lives in Nebraska, USA.

The medium may vary from oils to photography but art is art. Join the Digital Art revolution!

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