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Get Tha Funk Out! What tha funk is this, you ask yourself.. Well…the story goes a little like this….

Once upon a time, (a couple of year’s ago)….the three of us funkalicious gals were feeling a wee bit “funky” …you know….”tha funk”…just not ourselves, out of balance, needing inspiration so we decided on a “Get Tha Funk Out” girls getaway to rejuvenate, reinvent, share, learn, inspire and brainstorm our ways out of this “funk”.

WA-LA….all of the brainstorming and sharing led to this GET THA FUNK OUT WORKSHOP.
We are three women, three mothers, three wives, and three professional photographers who have built three successful businesses. We have come a long way and have big plans for very big things in our futures in this wonderful industry. We believe in sharing….we believe in paying it forward…..we believe in ourselves and in each other. We know that sometimes…tha “funk” creeps in and you have to kick it to the curb asap!

This is a learning workshop for women photographers….a retreat…..a “get away” to take it all in….casual, fun, funky and  fresh …Our GTFO 2010 will be on on “THE FARM” with great food, new friends and exciting ideas.  Our goal is to have you walk away with a full heart, a head that hurts because it’s exploding with ideas, new friends and  tools to keep that “funk” as far away as possible.  Oh yeah…..a nice full tummy too!  We look forward to spending a super FUNKY  day with you!

The Funkalicious Three

Gina, Joanne,  & Patrice

Gina Lee

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