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Jeff knows how to sell stuff, especially personal services like photography.  

He has over 20 years of success as an entrepreneur, starting 3 companies of his own, and has been chief marketing strategist at Pictage, DeviantART.com & SmugMug.

As an an educator and founder of Team-X.biz, Jeff has an endearment to empowering artist-owned small businesses by helping them define goal-based strategies, create unique positioning and how to effectively sell their services to women clients. 

As an investor, Jeff has worked with multiple artist-run successes, including Me Ra Koh Media, Inc. (where he served as Acting CEO, FishEyeConnect.com and Kudize.net (where he served as Acting CMO) and has helped scores of other businesses grow and succeed, including David Jay/ShowIt, Bob & Dawn Davis, ShootQ, and ShootDotEdit. 

Jeff is also the author of many innovative business publications, including "Socratic Selling - the Science Behind the Art of Soft-selling" - the basis behind his most recent workshop: Asking for the YES.

Find out more about Jeff Jochum on his personal website, or read his blog.


You can also see more videos about growing your business at Startup-Strategy.com

Jeff has over 20 years of experience helping small businesses succeed, including 3 of his own, and has led successful sales & marketing teams at Pictage, DeviantART.com & SmugMug.

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