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My name is Mary Lynne Ashley, and I've been photographing babies, children, and the families who come along with them in the Colorado Springs area since 2001. A mom first, I am very comfortable working with children of all ages and I specialize in studio portraiture. I'm known for connecting with the children I  photograph to create beautiful portraits that capture a child's true nature.

Several years ago I realized that I enjoyed teaching photography as much as I enjoy photography itself. I love being able to help people understand how to make sense of all the buttons on their cameras and use that knowledge as a foundation to start creating better images. My private lessons are customized to the individual, and my group workshops cover topics including introductory DSLR instruction, getting better photographs of people, and newborn photography, with an occasional other class added to the schedule.

I take my craft seriously, and have invested many, many hours (not to mention a huge chunk of change) over the years building and enhancing my photography skills. I am a Master Photographer and a Certified Professional Photographer.  I have studied with many of the top photographers in the portrait industry, and am continually striving to bring my work to an even higher level. I enter and attend photographic print competitions to improve my work, and along with receiving a variety of awards over the years, I recently received the Kodak Gallery Award for one of my images, as well as having multiple images accepted into PPA's International Loan Collection, both of which are high honors for professional photographers. I have also had a couple of my images published in The Photoshop Wow! Book.

I have been photographing babies and children for the families of Colorado Springs since 2001. I enjoy teaching as much as photographing, and offer a variety of group workshops and private lessons.

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