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I was born a photographer who thought he wanted to be a mechanical engineer.  As school progressed, a requirement for graduation was needed.  An arts requirement.  What does an engineer know about art?!?!?  I could sing, but I did not want to subject the world to that.  I could dance, but I did not have the patience.  Painting was an option, just not my option.  And then it hit me while searching for courses.  I had access to the equipment, I had my dad who could help me if I got stuck.  Photography.  Ever since that first day in class, I was hooked, no, in love!!!  Like the first time you looked across the room and saw that special someone, and that special someone looks back at you smiles.  After twenty rocky years, that passion still exists and not a day goes by when there isn't a camera in my hand.  I started off with still life, because it was interesting to me how people interpreted the same thing in ten different, ways when in reality, I just like the way the light was on .... paperclips.  I then entered the realm of landscape and nature photography.  It was also then when I discovered medium format photography.  After years of work and discovery in the inanimate and nature, someone asked, "do you shoot people?"  And of course I gave the smart alec remark of, "..only with a Canon!"  From then on, my emphasis has been people, which to me entails a wide variety of things.  So yeah, I love to shoot people,  with my Canon!

I learned and followed the rules, I never considered myself successful until I started doing things my own damn way!!!

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