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“Photography is about what does not meet the eye,” writes Lithuanian-American photographer Alex Braverman, a motto that resonates throughout his sustained series on dancers and cities. In both, he and his lens are after ephemeral details, moments that disappear as quickly as they come. Freezing time, pausing movement, layering images and perspectives, he hints at the unseen, creating possibilities for new revelations. By shooting bustling cities and bodies he isolates the motion and dynamism that breathes vigor into life.

Braverman works in an incredible range of styles, from classical black and white images of dancers suspended in mid-air, seemingly weightless against sparse backdrops, to sharp, explosively colorful and compositionally elaborate reconstructed cityscapes. In both these minimalist and maximizing modes, however, his eye remains unmistakable. Whether superimposing street scenes and buildings in a distorted palette, or capturing dancers mid-movement followed by shadows that are not their own, he strives toward impossible visions and enigmatic images, capturing a fleeting reality inexhaustibly rich in detail. Braverman comes thrillingly close to exposing the invisible.

- Agora Gallery, NY

Master Classes in fine art photography, photo impressionism, and living one's dream.

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