Lou Szoke Bio:

Lou is one of the most award winning photographers in the State of Illinois,

with awards too numerous to mention.  His top accomplishments include

 Illinois Photographer of the year, as well as, an image being displayed at the

"Photography Hall of Fame" in Oklahoma City.

He has traveled throughout the United States and Canada teaching his

 Hollywood/Glamour Lighting techniques.

Lou's most recent accomplishment is his newly released book

"Hollywood Style Portraits" published by Amherst Media and is being distributed on a global basis.


Ask yourself this:

Doesn't it seem that everyone who owns a camera today calls themselves a Professional Photographer?

Doesn't it seem that all photographs look the same with flat light and over retouched, waxy looking faces?


Your competition can easily buy all the newest programs on the market, they can buy all the new templates, and they can easily get the fancy retouching programs quickly and easily.

So what does this mean:  your work is no different than your competitors if you do not change.

Offer what no one can buy - A personal Lighting style!



"Hollywood/Glamour Style Lighting"

seminars are designed to bring out

The Portrait Artist in you!

Perfect for High School Seniors, Couples, Brides, Grooms, Glamour/Boudoir and

 virtually all aspects of your creative lighting needs.

Master the Lighting Techniques you need
to produce this Timeless Portrait Style.

Hollywood photographers of the 1930's and 1940's
produced glamorous images that remain popular to this day.
 Lou shows you how to achieve the same look,
using hot lights to sculpt each subject to perfection.

Topics covered include:

Live Photo Demonstrations

Understanding how Hot lights are different than strobe lighting.

Using barn doors, snoots etc. to take complete control of the light.

Building a portrait setup with hot lights.

Metering for flawless exposures.

Using light to create mood in your images.

Lighting the Bride & Groom on location with one light.

Controlling the shadows and highlights on your subject and background.

Each attendee will leave with a workbook and How to Guide.

Most of all - you should leave refreshed and excited and ready to:

"Create with Passion



Lou is a Master/Craftsman Photographic Artist with work on rotational display in the "Photography Hall of fame" in Oklahoma City. Lou has a book being published by Amherst Media to be released in fall 2011. The Art of Painting with light is a must!

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