Startup-Strategy: PhotoBiz Clarity I

Nashville, TN

Startup-Strategy: PhotoBiz Clarity I

SELLING WORKSHOP (10am-noon) IS OPEN TO EVERYONE! Followed by fully-packed, butt-kicking 4 hours of CLARITY to set CRYSTAL-CLEAR goals, strategies and tactics, enabling you to map your success and always know where you are going.


FIRST 2 HOURS (Selling workshop) is FREE and OPEN to EVERYONE who wishes to attend.  

Afternoon Photo Biz Clarity I workshop (1-5PM) is for PAID attendees only.   (This is where a lot of the infamous 1to1 butt-kicking enlightenment occurs)


Imagine a place where every step your business takes is forward. That's the world of business clarity.

Photo Biz Clarity I is designed for small businesses & photographers who want to build a successful biz (full or part time) with the least amount of wasted energy and resources.  In ONE fully-packed afternoon, you will learn how to:

  • set goals, strategies and tactics, enabling you to map your success and always know where you are going
  • find the ONE thing that makes you special in your market and express it in 10 words or less
  • stop wasting time and money learning about business the "hard way."

The workshop is designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs with 0-4 years of experience, and who wish to begin, or increase, their success as a business (i.e. finding customers and getting paid)

Workshop take-aways:

  • Getting Clear on finding your business goals and defining your Unique Position in your local marketplace

  • Group exercises to discover how your business appears to others and build winning strategies that will help you find more business

  • Proven methods, techniques and tactics so you can actually turn prospects into clients, now and in the future

  • Watch this short video and find out what attendees are saying about Photo Biz Clarity

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BONUS: Every attendee will get ONE FREE YEAR of SmugMug PRO (new subscribers only) a $149.00 value.

Refund Policy

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Cost: $ 119.00
Skill Level: Open to All
Date(s): March 23, 2011 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Duration: 8 hours
Group Size Limit: 20


  • 0-4 years in business

jeff jochum

Workshop Host