Aviation Photography Workshop

Atlanta, GA

Aviation Photography Workshop

Experience classic aircraft up close and personal in this detailed workshop. Develop as a photographer as you learn photography skills, how to plan a shoot, and execute no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.


  Be warned, this is going to be a LOOOONG day!  We will meet at the flight facility mid-morning.   Your learning experience begins with sessions on flightline safety, aircraft hangar setups, and capturing aircraft detail, taught by the 3G Instructors.  Each of the classes will use example images from the instructors, with the intent being to show you a collection of their techniques that you can experiment with for the afternoon.

Lunch will be provided on-site, followed by our afternoon sessions allowing you to practice what you were just taught.  For the next four hours, you will have time to rotate between aircraft and locations, receiving one-on-one instruction from our teachers.  We will shoot static setups in a precisely lit hangar environment, while also offering a chance to capture the intricate detail of the aircraft parked outside.  A second session will assist photographers with capturing imagery of aircraft taxiing for takeoff, along with practice setting up the desired shots for the evening's photoshoot.

As we prepare for the evening's activities, you will return to the classroom where the 3G instructors will demonstrate techniques for the evening's sunset/twilight photoshoot using images from their portfolios as a guide. Techniques for lightpaining and flash photography will all be discussed.   After class there is time set aside for gear prep and a quick evening snack prior to our sunset and nighttime photo shoots.  The evening’s photo opportunities will begin with a sunset shoot with the aircraft arranged for a variety of sunset-capturing opportunities.  As the shooting venue transitions to nighttime shooting, attendees will be able to execute some of the light painting skills covered earlier in the afternoon.  Throughout the evening, all instructors will be present to help each of the small groups with questions or to overcome challenges presented by the environment or equipment.  

At the end of the evening we will pack our gear, wrap up the workshop and depart the flight facility to catch a late dinner.

What to Bring

  What do I bring?  It would be all too easy to just say “EVERYTHING! ”  However, we know that many of you will be traveling by airline and so baggage limits will be in the forefront of your mind.  At a minimum, you are expected to bring your own camera and tripod, but here are some guidelines for what gear to bring:

* Camera – Bring whatever you shoot with.  Our instructors have experience documenting aviation subjects with numerous makes and models from high-end DSLRs to consumer ILCs and even smartphones.  At the end of the day, use the best camera that you are comfortable operating, and if you want to use this workshop to branch out into other equipment styles, let us know.
* Lenses - Bring the right glass to capture wide-angle shots of multiple aircraft at sunrise or sunset, and close-up detail of aircraft.  If you have a favorite lens for portraiture, bring it as well.
* Tripod – We will be shooting during and after sunset, so longer exposures will require the use of a sturdy tripod.   
* Flashlights for Light Painting – Bring a very bright, handheld flashlight.  We recommend at least 300 or more lumens, such as the SureFire series of tactical lights.
* Camera Bag – Bring a sturdy, compartmentalized bag to move your equipment around the flightline.  Our class will cover some good tips and techniques for remaining organized during a shoot, but success often begins with the right bag for your tools!
* Be prepared for weather… The good, bad and ugly!  We will be arriving at the hanger before sunrise and will be shooting out on the ramp until well after sunset.  We also cannot control mother nature (as much as we would like to) so be prepared for some possible rain!
* Kneepads – You will be getting down low on the tarmac so stop by your local hardware store and pick up a pair of kneepads. Trust us, they are cheap and the comfort provided will make your experience A LOT more enjoyable!
* Laptop/Tablet – You will want to be able to download and edit your images right away so that you can critique them in order to improve on your technique during the workshop.

What is included

* All photography photo sessions and lessons
* One-on-one photography instruction and critique
* Access to vintage aircraft
* Lunch and an evening snack 

What is NOT included

* Transportation to, from and around the workshop location.
* Lodging – You are on your own to make lodging reservations.  If you want a list of suggested hotels, email us as workshops@3gaviationmedia.com

Limited Photo Release

The 3G Aviation Media Team has negotiated a limited photography release with the aircraft owners.  This release allows photographers to use images taken during the workshop for their personal promotion and individual sale.  The release DOES NOT allow sales of the images to a third party for the promotion of a product or service. If you have any questions regarding the details of this release, please submit them via the contact form in the navigation bar.

Refund Policy

Before booking workshops, carefully review your workshop information, including location, date, time, and cost. Refunds will not be granted through Fisheye Connect. For questions please reference our Attendee Policies.

Photography Workshop Categories

Atlanta Warbird Weekend

Cost: $ 249.00
Guest Price: $ 0.00
Skill Level: Open to All
Date(s): October 07, 2017 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Duration: 12 hours
Group Size Limit: 25
Instructor :3G Aviation Media,Douglas Glover

Materials Needed

  • Camera (DSLR Preferred),Lenses (wide / telephoto),Computer / Tablet,Flashlight/Headlamp,Kneepads


  • Basic knowledge of:,Camera Settings,Editing Software-Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

3G Aviation Media

Workshop Host