Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography Hands On Course

Naples, FL

Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography Hands On Course

The Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography is designed to give you a solid photography education in just four short weeks.

Do you REALLY understand exposure and how to shoot in the manual setting?

How to win at photography competitions – as a frequent judge, Peggy will reveal the most common disqualification reasons and how you can overcome them.

Does using flash intimidate you?  It’s not as tough as you think!

Are you about to take an exotic trip and want to be sure you come home with awe-inspiring pictures?

Are your technical insecurities keeping you from earning a good living in photography?

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by learning what is vital to know to produce great images consistently.

…. and much, much more!

We’ll help you put together a clear plan of action to get a solid photography education.

The Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography is designed to give you a solid photography education in just four short weeks.

Week One:
DSLR Operation and Exposure Basics
– We’ll get you shooting in the Manual setting in just two hours. This has been our most popular workshop since the start of Understand Photography Training Center.

Week Two: 

Composition – The Most Important Class you’ll take to Improve Your Photography! Everyone thinks they understand the Rule of Thirds but we find that they really don’t.  Learn where your eye naturally goes and how to use leading lines, power points, negative space, color and more to make a more pleasing image.  In this workshop, you’ll learn why you are not winning competitions with your images – it’s almost always a composition issue!

We teach some basic posing in this class as well. Posing just means you are helping someone look their best. It shouldn’t be grueling or stiff.   Learn the simple techniques to make your subjects look great!

Week Three:
Flash Basics –  On and Off camera.
Do you love natural light? So do we!  However, it’s not practical at all times.  Learn to use your flash to create natural looking light when needed.  The principles are the same for both pop up flash that comes with your camera and a speedlight.  You’ll also learn how to take a speedlight off your camera in the easiest way.  Flash can be complicated.  We simplify it.

Week Four:
The Technical Class:
Don’t worry!  You’ll be ready for this workshop!  Metering Modes, White Balance, Drive Modes, Focal point, focus modes and more!  We do our best to make the technical stuff easy to understand! 

Classes are held at Understand Photography Studio on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.  Ending times vary.

We designed the course with all the necessary things you need to know, and skipped a lot of the extras.

We want you to gain confidence in shooting in manual and really understanding exposure and the basics. With a solid foundation, you’ll be taking fabulous photographs in just a few short weeks!

Once you have a strong foundation, EVERYTHING else will come so easily for you!  I’ve watched so many photographers struggle for years, just because they never got a good understanding of the important basics.  You can do this!  We work really hard to keep thing simple!!

~Peggy Farren
Founder and Instructor
Professional Photographer (check our my site at
In business since 2001.

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Understand Photography Studio

Cost: $ 297.00
Guest Price: $ 0.00
Skill Level: Open to All
Date(s): October 07, 2017 09:00 AM - October 28, 2017 11:30 AM
Duration: 22 days
Group Size Limit: 8
Instructor :Peggy Farren

Materials Needed

  • Camera,Fully charged battery,Manual,Speedlight with extra batteries.

Peggy Farren

Workshop Host