Sunset Portraiture including On and Off Camera Flash

Naples, FL

Sunset Portraiture including On and Off Camera Flash

Join Peggy Farren as she really simplifies how to use your speedlight, both on and off camera.  Peggy will go over triggers, shooting with your speedlights in manual and TTL.  We'll take the flash off the camera to practice off camera flash a

Speedlights off and on camera.  
Our motto at Understand Photography is We Simplify the Technical!  This is the speedlight course for photographers who like to be shown in a step by step manner how to work with their speedlight.

We'll start at Understand Photography studio really learning and practicing with our flashes, then head over to the beach for a photoshoot with a model.  Please register as early as possible! 

• Basic Speedlight instruction. 

• Using speedlights on camera. Balancing the light.

• Shooting with your flash in the manual mode. 

• Using speedlights off camera.

• Triggers.  How do they work?  Which ones to buy?  What's the difference between IR and RF triggers. Which are better and why?

We'll practice in the studio with still life before heading to the beach so you'll be ready when we get there.

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Understand Photography Studio

Cost: $ 129.00
Guest Price: $ 0.00
Skill Level: Open to All
Date(s): January 14, 2018 02:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Duration: 4 hours
Group Size Limit: 5
Instructor :Peggy Farren

Materials Needed

  •  DSLR camera with a fully charged battery

    • Speedlight, if you have one.  If not, your pop-up flash will do.


  • Prerequisite - you must be comfortable shooting in the manual setting on your camera.  Please take our Shoot in Manual class first.

Peggy Farren

Workshop Host