Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography Interactive Online


Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography Interactive Online

Our signature course is the “Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography”.  It&rs

Our signature course is the “Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography”.  It’s an interactive class, with lots of support from your instructor, Peggy Farren and your classmates. You’ll have daily assignments to help you really understand each lesson.  This class is about the mechanics of photography, not the creativity, although your creativity will soar once you understand the technical aspects.  The homework assignments tell you exactly what to do, step by step, so that when you go through the motion of changing your settings to change the effects, you’ll really start to understand what is happening.  You’ll watch, listen and ACT for the best learning experience.

Our motto and our mission is to simplify the technical.  We will show you exactly which button or dial to turn to change your settings. With the support of your instructor Peggy Farren, you’ll really start understanding the technical side of photography!
Week 1:  Shoot in Manual.  Peggy will not only teach you why and when to change your ISO, Shutter and Aperture, she'll help you with which dial to turn and button to push.
Week 2:  Composition.  This is the best class you'll take to improve your photography. See what judges see.  Learn to look for the most pleasing compositions with a scientific and creative eye!  
3.  Lighting Essentials.  Learn subtractive lighting, additive, open shade, flash basics and more. The word photography literally means "writing with light".  Learn how to control and use the light.

4.  The techie stuff - Metering modes, white balance, focusing modes and more.  You'll be ready for this class by the fourth week!

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Online Event

Cost: $ 297.00
Guest Price: $ 0.00
Skill Level: Open to All
Date(s): January 10, 2018 02:00 PM - January 31, 2018 02:00 PM
Duration: 22 days
Group Size Limit: 15
Instructor :Peggy Farren

Materials Needed

  • A DSLR, mirrorless or camera that shoots in the manual mode.  


  • None

Peggy Farren

Workshop Host