Creative Photography with your iPhone

Roswell, GA

Creative Photography with your iPhone

Learn the features of your phone camera and how to take amazing images!

So, you’re not wanting to purchase an expensive digital camera, but would still like to be able to take high quality images? Have you heard so much about the iPhone’s camera features, such as portrait lighting, 12-megapixel cameras, and optical image, but don’t know how to use them? You are in luck!

Our goal for the iPhone Photography workshop is to help you get in touch with your iPhone’s camera settings and show you how to be creative and have control over your images to get your images to the professional looking level. The first part of this 3 hour class is dedicated to going over how to use the camera in your iPhone. For this workshop, we really want you to put on your creative cap and experiment with the different features your iPhone has to offer. Once the lecture is done, we will go on a photo walk. Then, we will practice taking pictures with your iPhone. At least 2 professionals are within an arm’s length at all times to answer any questions or concerns you have about anything camera related!

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Photography Workshop Categories

Barrington Hall

Cost: $ 75.00
Skill Level: Open to All
Date(s): December 17, 2017 02:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Duration: 3 hours
Group Size Limit: 20
Instructor :Mike Moreland

Materials Needed

  • Your iPhone

Mike Moreland

Workshop Host